Canadian Visa UK: Do You Need To Get One When Traveling To Canada?

The United Kingdom and Canada have established a strong and historical relationship. They also share similar culture and language which can be the reason why Canada welcomes thousands of visitors from the UK during holiday seasons. However, British citizens can no longer travel to and from Canada without a visa since March 2016. The good news is that it is so easy to get a Canadian visa UK which can be valid for a couple of years. This article will inform you about the process and requirements you need to provide before you go.

All passport holders from the UK who wish to travel to Canada must apply for an eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization. The application process is completed online. There will be an application form you must complete with personal details including a valid email address and passport number. Moreover, you need to answer a few simple questions before sending your application.

If you are a UK citizen, you can make multiple trips for 5 years using your eTA. Each stay in Canada should not exceed six months. See to it that your eTA and passport are both valid during your stay to prevent delays and troubles in your trips. When it comes to costs and fees, every Canadian visa UK application costs CAD $7. You should also pay the processing fee once you acquire the visa service.

To start the Canada visa application, simply visit the website of the Canadian government. You can read some downloadable documents to avoid committing mistakes during the application process. It only takes a few minutes to receive a confirmation about the status of your visa application.

In most cases, UK passport holders who are required to obtain an eTA when entering Canada do not deal with problems. Although the process may be tiresome and difficult for the first-time travelers, the process becomes easier on the next trips to Canada.