Learn 5 Ways To Save On Airport Parking Prices

Travel is a luxury for some, and a professional necessity for others. Regardless of your reasons for flying out, unless someone is paying for everything about your trip, then you are looking to save money any time you can, since travel can get expensive quickly. Keep reading to learn 5 ways to save on airport parking prices, as these are a potential minefield of needless costs.

1) Have someone pick you up or drop you off: Just having a family member of friend take a few hours out of their day to run you to or from the airport might seem like an obvious option, but if you fly often, this might not be realistic to keep requesting. You might also not want to feel like imposing on someone, since such a trip can take up a part of their day. However, think outside the box a little. Do you know anyone working near the airport that might could drop you off without going too far out of the way? Can you check on social media to see if you know anyone else flying in or out around the same time? Carpooling might be a possibility.

2) Look into public transit if you live in or near the city the airport is based in. Many bigger cities have public transportation systems like busing, where you can ride a local bus route to the main hub which is likely to have a sprinter, shuttle, or some other dedicated connection straight to the airport. You might have to pay a few bucks for both legs of your commute, but that can pale in comparison to airport parking prices.

3) Check your area for airport shuttle services. These are often used by large parties traveling together, but if one is already scheduled to be swinging through your neighborhood, their fees might be less than parking.

4) Call for a cab, Uber, or Lyft. Airport runs are going to be pretty common routes for these types of services, and while they might not be the cheapest option, their fee for a single ride might be as much as you pay for parking your car for one day at the airport.

5) Check out the long-term parking lots and shuttle schedules within the airport’s parking lots. Most airports have low- or no-cost shuttle lots at the edge of their property with shuttles or buses that carry you to the front doors. Also look into third-party or private businesses that focus on discount airport parking and run you to and from their property and the airport.

Now that you know 5 ways to save on airport parking prices, you should either be able to make travel something you can afford more often, or just save on the trips that you do take.