3 Restaurants to Visit in Toronto

Restaurant hopping is a must for a foodie. You may have tasted a bit of western cuisine and some eastern delicacies, but both sides of the culinary world can be found in Toronto. Once you have your itinerary and einreise kanada, head to Toronto and immerse yourself in the food culture of the Canadian city. While there are plenty of restaurants to visit in Toronto, some restaurants offer quality food and services that stand out from the rest.

Below are three restaurants in Toronto that you should check out before anything else:


This restaurant has a pleasant blend of the 70s feel and home atmosphere. It is like going into your favorite auntie’s house for her savory and hearty dishes. The restaurant is decorated in vintage tableware and lined with indoor plants. It may not feel fancy like in high-end restaurants, but it has a feeling that brings you back to when you had supper at home – relaxed and refreshed. Among their items on the menu include Scandi shrimp sandwich, salad with butter dressing, Spanish tortilla, a ham plate, a selection of pastries, and various non-alcoholic beverages. It is run by Peter Jensen, Jed Smith, and Ann Kim whose dishes have English and Danish influence as well.

Planta Queen

Are you tired of mom’s cooking or want something a bit less homey? Why not grab a bite in a more casual setting. Planta Queen is the place to be for casual dining in the city of Toronto. It serves Asian cuisine but for vegans, so do not expect traditional sashimi or Asian fried noodles with bits and pieces of meat. Among the items on the menu include black bean dumplings, steamed water spinach dumplings, potato truffle dumplings, meatless Shanghai Slaw, nigiri, wonton soup, and Shanghai noodles. Chef David Lee implements his culinary skills the Asian way with a twist.


Head over to Yorkdale shopping center and visit Tora for a unique experience. Japanese conveyor belt restaurants inspired the concept of the restaurant. You order an item on a touchscreen menu, and your food goes directly to you. As you would expect, the food is also Japanese, including kinmedai, aburi ebi, edoprime nigiri, tuna nigiri, and many more.

Visa Waiver Program – Biometrics

Discussion among authorities regarding the use of the biometrics system to screen passengers under the Visa Waiver Program continues so to improve and enhance the security and safety of travelers who wish to enter the USA.

What is Biometrics and Its Applications?

Biometrics is the measurement, analysis, and recording of human characteristics and their unique features. This technology has many uses in several different kinds of applications, mainly for identification and admission control. At present, biometrics are present in phones for easier unlocking using just the fingerprint. Also, many companies are utilizing similar technologies, such as facial or iris recognition.

Having this technology available makes a lot of daily activities much more simplistic and less time-consuming. It could also increase the security of processes such as banking because it eliminates flaws that most likely would bring about unfavorable effects. The additional protection could even reduce fraud.

Biometrics for ESTA Holders

Currently, visitors who are traveling to the USA with a valid Visa ESTA use biometrics as a means of identification, but for those traveling with ESTA, as part of the Visa Waiver Program, do not. Talks of extending its use on travelers with ESTA has been going for many years.

Because of the several attacks that have happened over recent years, there is a need to up the security even for those citizens that are from visa-exempt countries. There is an unfortunate possibility that terrorists are citizens of countries that are a part of the Visa Waiver Program, which means one cannot just assume that all passengers with ESTA are safe and trustworthy. Another reason why those with ESTA have to undergo biometric screening is that many of these visitors stay longer than the agreed limit of 90 days, and so implementing the biometrics system allows for easier tracking of these people.

Importance of Additional Security Measures

Although the process of applying for an ESTA already has a high level of security, performing the biometric screening provides additional information which could give a more comprehensive review of the person across all law enforcement databases around the world. Since the Visa Waiver Program is exceptionally successful in the USA, it is crucial to keep it efficient and secure to ward off people who want to see it end.

The rules and regulations for obtaining an ESTA under the Visa Waiver Program frequently change, so you should always keep yourself informed and up-to-date.