How And Where To Get An ESTA Visa

The visa waiver program that allows countries to send their people to the United States has really improved over the years. There are some individuals that have been to the US hundreds of times. Part of that reason is that they are getting an ESTA Visa. This is digitally attached to the passport that you have. It allows you to go into the country. Up to 90 days, you can journey around for business purposes or even a holiday. This is how and where you can get an ESTA Visa.

Is There A Form That You Have To Fill Out?

There is certainly a form that you can fill out. It’s going to take you a few minutes. You will submit that online. It will go directly to the visa waiver program people. They will then evaluated, and once that is over, they will schedule a time for you to meet with the consulate member. This will be an individual that will be there or at the US Embassy. They need to know that you do actually have an intention to return to your country. If that can be determined during the interview, they will grant your visa right away.

Is This A Process That Is Easier To Repeat?

This process is actually very easy to complete the second time. Subsequently after that, he goes even your. That is because they only have to meet with you once to determine who you are, what your intentions are, and then they can continue to grant the visas every time that you apply. There is a fee involved, and once that is paid, your visa will be reactivated. They make this as easy as possible so that as many people from different countries can come into the United States for personal or business related reasons. As long as you can get through the interview, you should have no problem getting additional visas along the way.